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These are the signature services we can provide.  Each product and service is scalable to any size operation, from small corporate flight department to large scheduled airline.
 We bring solutions designed by operators for operators. 

RAMP is a biomathematical predictive fatigue model that is effective in predicting human performance under various scenarios facing professional pilots.  The ease of use, simplicity, accuracy and risk-based output provides operators a custom, comprehensive, and fully integrated Preflight and Fatigue Risk Management System.  RAMP is a tool developed from and supported by science by operators, for operators.  It is the bridge that connects theory and practical application of fatigue prediction and is the only integrated risk management solution on the market.


By capturing flight crew and technician sleep/wake history, we are able to correlate actual fatigue data to risks as experienced and even correlate fatigue to FOQA incidents.  The combination of risk data and fatigue information combines to provide our clients a fully formed Fatigue Risk Management system that exceeds the requirements of 14 CFR Part 117.7, IOSA, and IS-BAO criteria.

Human Factors Data Analysis


We gather, track, trend and analyze all information on our clients' customized preflight risk assessments and RAMP data to produce usable trend data for analysis.  This analysis produces factual, evidence-based, data-driven program for risk evaluation, classification and reduction.  By tracking and trending actual fatigue data and risks to the operation, we produce data-driven, needs-based safety program interventions in preflight, post event analysis and it is specific to the operational challenges of each flight department, airline, manager and user. Think of it like FOQA for the human piece of your system.

We have success in uncovering latent preconditions for error prior to an incident or accident occurring, and pointing the way for a pre-emptive intervention. That makes this program the only true proactive risk mitigation tool on the market.  In simple terms RAMP and HFDA help you identify the holes in the Swiss cheese.

Schedule Optimization, Fatigue Study, Research and Reports


Our client partners have found value in our firm's analysis of fatigue in their shift work, both technician and flightcrew schedules. We offer full spectrum schedule review and optimization along with a longitudinal fatigue study to validate the actual human cost of your work schedules.  This holistic approach allows you to make the best decision possible to find efficiencies in human performance for the full optimization of your crew, be they technical or professional.  These studies are done with minimal impact to the day to day operation and no additional equipment or clumsy monitoring watches need to be worn to capture the data.  Unlike other studies, the results are strictly for your team's eyes.  It is all a part of the experience of being a client partner.

SMS Implementation, Administration & Auditing


Working with strategic partners, our team was instrumental in bringing one of the largest corporate flight departments in the world through a complete rebuild and update of their antiquated SMS.  The results were astounding.  Thanks to the team's efforts, this department is IS-BAO Stage 3 registered, and instituted a culture of safety consciousness that is second to none. Our clients include scheduled airlines, military units, corporate flight departments, and Part 135 charter airlines. Ask us how we can help achieve your department's safety and compliance goals.

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