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​You have an idea about how you want to manage risk and all the safety data necessary to comply with the regulations "best practices" you read about? We are the experts at helping our customers use their SMS to find efficiency in operations. We  look forward to transforming your business.



Our signature programs focus on the management of risk in operations.  We possess the most innovative, simple solutions that scale to any size operation.  We are the first, and only, firm to correlate actual fatigue data to FOQA events and observed risks in real operations.  



We have worked with a variety of operators from corporate departments, charter companies and airlines. Although our clients have ranged in size, our niche is helping clients discover custom SMS, FRMS and integrated risk management solutions to protect their human and material assets.


Our goal at 3393 Aviation Services is to provide integrated risk and safety management solutions designed to streamline your safety and compliance systems for the purpose of finding efficiencies, be it small or a large organization.  The results are often tangible in dollars, be it from a route combination previously out of reach due to crew rest regulations or insurance premium rebates for programmatic implementation.

Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs and challenges of your operation in order to ensure you achieve your definition of success.


“The integrated risk management, FRMS and SMS tools have transformed our safety and operational programs.”

Mitch Grace, NBAA Safety Committee Member

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